Author’s Help

Completed your first draft? Looking to create a book cover? How about your inside layout? Is your manuscript properly edited of all syntax, grammar and vocabulary mistakes? Do you have the ISBN number or the Library of Congress number? Is your manuscript properly copyrighted? Is the book on digital format? Is it hardcover or paperback?
If all this in done, Congratulations. However, the real challenge has just begun.

How about properly marketing your book so it can find its place on the New York Bestseller list (minimum of 250 000 copies has to be sold)? Do you know the tricks of the trade? Do you have the tools you need to market your book on all famous social media network? Do you know all book bloggers out there that can propel your book sales? Looking to get radio interviews discussing about the benefits of reading your book? These questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the thousands of other ways you can become a world known author using our marketing services.

ProAce International has Publisher’s coach ready to help you while still keeping 90% of all royalties of the sales of your book. You keep your copyrights and all the money coming in from the sales unlike traditional publishers that controls all money coming in from the sales of your book. With traditional publishers, you will still be responsible to market your book yourself while only getting 5% royalty payments from book sales. Why give away your hard work to publishers? Why give them your first rights to your book? A bit unfair don’t you think?

Call in for a free consultation and we will assign you a Publisher’s coach to help you reach your goals. It is not that difficult to reach the New York Bestseller list. It all depends on how much you want that to happen.

Our Toll free Number is: 1-877-963-7283 and just ask for our “Marketing your book to the top” services.



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