Daniel A Amzallag, Ph.D, MBA

Dan Amzallag resides in the United States of America. Before coming to the US, he lived in Canada, where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business, with a concentration in Finance. During his Bachelor degree, he worked as a health consultant and personal trainer for an international organization offering health services to their customers. He obtained his personal training certifications from the Weider Institute of Health, and the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).


He has 12 years of experience in the field of kinesiology, resistance, cardiovascular training and extensive knowledge of nutrition. He has authored three books entitled: The American Dream: How to buy or start a business using none of your own cash Mission Possible: East more to lose more: How to combat the obesity epidemic in America and Gloateus Maximus: Behind the scenes of Personal Trainers.

Mr Amzallag also invented a new fitness device called the PUSH-UP-Press and his patent has been approved. He is working on getting this fitness device in all homes, offices, school and government. Mr Amzallag manages many websites with focus on health, business and coaching. He appeared on Bloomberg business radio and several other business and health radio shows across America.

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