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Dan Amzallag ( French born) became a naturalized American citizen in 2009 after exploring life in various countries, including Canada and France. He enjoys experiencing different cultures and learning to assimilate to various behaviors and approaches to life.

A former sufferer of obesity, Amzallag came to a decision in his mid-20’s to transform his life by working out diligently and competing athletically. He grew to have a vivacious passion for health and decided to continue his path by helping others to become healthy and reach their fitness goals. It was through this work that the author discovered the true meaning of happiness.

Amzallag’s fourth and newest book, “100 Days or Less to Reaching your Ultimate Happiness: Secrets of the Universe Revealed,” coaches others through their personal journey to define true happiness. His previous works include, “The American Dream Book: How to Buy or Start a Business Using None of Your own Cash,” “Mission Possible: How to Combat Obesity in America,” and “Gloateus Maximus: Inside Lives of Personal Trainers.” all published in 2001, 2003 and 2007 respectively.
He currently resides in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C, and operates a transportation company, a fitness training network, a publishing company and is a motivational speaker for several school district in the Tri-State area (DMV). Mr Amzallag passion for this subject allowed him to research, learn, and go through its process himself to reach his ultimate happiness. Hope it can do the same for his readers.

My personal quote:
” I am guided by my passion, and a bit by my fears. I follow my dreams, no matter what it takes to make it happen. I have goals, aspirations and will do go all the way to reach them. No matter how hard life hits me, I will prevail. No matter how many hits I take, I will get up on my feet and hit back. There is NO one out there that will tell me how things should be done, because I will do whatever is right by ME. There is nothing that I can’t do that others can. It is my moment of decision that my destiny is guided. I create my own. It is not SET, it is based within my own self. There is no magic fixes in life, it is up to me to be a handyman of my own life. Questions I ask myself: How bad do I want success? Am i willing to put the effort needed to make all this happen and give it my best? The answer is YES!.
I am out there to live my life, do things that I want to do. By believing in my dreams, I will make them a reality. I know what i am worth, and NO one else will change my mind. The key to my success is myself. There is NO excuses, just doing what I need to do and go for it NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. At least, at the end, I know I have given my all. This is my life worth living”

Now that you know more about me, you have me at a disadvantage. Let’s get to know each other better is a professional environment so I can do my best to help you with whatever problems you are facing today.


Dr. Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

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