Dan Amzallag has been a mentor for me as I make my journey through the world of government contracting. I have learn several aspects that Dan has help to make interesting and exciting, as well as, offering me the opportunity to try a whole new line of work”.
Tanyette C. (Houston, TX)

“As a market researcher navigating the government contracting work, Dan Amzallag has been an invaluable resource, boss, and friend. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from Dan’s guidance and with his leadership I am excited about my future in the government contracting industry.”
Sarah G.( Phoenix, AZ)

“When I first began working with Dan I was so very green to the world of federal contracting. In short order Dan equipped me with the vital tools necessary for evaluating viable solicitations through a clear understanding of FARs and DFARs particularly. With great speed I was able to effectively discern the language of solicitations and federal contractual language thanks to Dan’s willingness to take the time to train me and answer my many questions along the way. Not once did he ever indicate he was irritated or didn’t have time as I was acquiring an adequate understanding of federal contracting. He is imminently qualified through a skill set well suited for working in the federal contracting environment.Anyone would do themselves a favor by allowing Dan to communicate to them his vast knowledge of federal contracting!”
Chris C.(Azusa, CA)

“I started working in this industry just a short while ago and was not familiar with any of the aspects of procurement for our US government. Dan has taken me under his wings and guided me towards being an independent marketing analyst. His guidance and knowledge have been invaluable in streamlining the ramp up period. He has always made himself available to answer questions and strategize on the most effective methods to accomplish this position. Without his support and coaching I’d probably still be learning and researching vs. submitting bids.”
Renato R. ( Las Vegas, NV)

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